Here a selection of our travel reports and descriptions of some nice local destinations:

PDFAusflugsziel Sieseby, Schwansen

PDFAusflugsziel Lindaunis, Angeln

PDFAusflugsziel Laboe, Dänischer Wohld

PDFAusflugsziel Kappeln, Angeln

PDFAusflugsziel Eckernfoerde, Schwansen

PDFNordschanze Eckernfoerde

PDFSparkplug-Table: alt-neu


KMZ 1856: Course of old Eider Canal in Schleswig-Holstein, Google-Earth Path-Pin


PDF2008-05 Nals + France (Motorcycle)

PDF2007-08 Ardennen Eifel (Motorcycle)

PDF2007-05 Turkey (Motorcycle)

PDF2007-01 Norway dog sledge (Car)

PDF2006-06 Way of St. John + Northern Portugal (Motorcycle)

PDF2005-12 Ukraina + Polish Wild East (Car)

PDF2005-06 Italy + Croatia (Motorcycle)

PDF2004-06 Iceland-Faroer (Motorcycle)

PDF2003-09 Masury-Curonian Spit (Motorcycle)

PDF2003-06 Tyrol-Bretagne (Motorcycle)

PDF2001-09 Pomerania + Kashubia (Motorcycle)

PDF2001-06 Mosel-Eifel-Ardennes (Motorcycle)

PDF2000-09 Baltic Sea-Boot with petrol-leak

PDF2000-09 Sydfyn (Motorcycle)

PDF1999-09 Northern Ireland (Motorcycle)

PDF1999-07 Ost-Pomerania (Motorcycle)

PDF1997-08 Manx Grand Prix - Isle of Man (Motorcycle)

PDF1997-06 Orkneys-Scotland (Motorcycle)

PDF1996-02 South of Zambezi (Shearwater)

PDF1991-11 Like in a washing machine drum  (Shearwater-Rafting)

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