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Our hometown of Hamburg, our summer residence at the Schlei on the Baltic Sea and far-away places, those are things that we, Annegret and Volker, enjoy. Our interest in geography makes the two of us so fond of travelling. We go on the road on bikes or combinations – on motorcycles with or without a sidecar. Classical and modern motorbikes let us cruise freely aBildnd securely. We share wonderful experiences with people who explore the world as dynamic, enthusiastically, and with an open mindset as we do.
Motorbiking is more of a philosophy than simply a hobby – because it almost always means the departure from well-known places, from set-in-their-ways relationships and from everyday monotony. 41 years, that's how long we've been at it.

We put on our riding gear and head off to interesting destinations. Our ears filled with Bavarian, Italian or Russian motor sounds while we pass the scenery: with every kilometre on the road, the daily routine moves further and further into the distance. And after each tour, with a fresh mind, it’s easy to lay back and think again about the here and now.

It’s the journey, not the destination – our planet offers countless paths and destinations to explore!
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*Bula-Fiji-Talk: Welcome!

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